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The Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives (CSSI) sponsors a diverse array of projects that generate datasets that vary in content and format, yet are related across certain defining characteristics or metadata. Integrated management of the datasets across all sponsored projects make the data more accessible, easily accessed, and potentially reused by the cancer research community.

The CSSI Data Coordinating Center (CSSI DCC) stores and manages access to data generated in support of cancer research funded or supported by the CSSI. This data is in the standard Investigation-Study-Assay tab-delimited format (ISA-TAB) format, which describes a scientific investigation, its study or studies, and each study's assay(s). The CSSI DCC Portal is the repository for CSSI DCC data.

The CSSI DCC Portal is a public repository of experiment-related information describing cancer research investigations. You can use the portal to browse, search, and access data generated through CSSI funded projects and other user uploaded data sets. This data is in ISA-Tab format, which organizes investigation, study, and assay data according to the rules in the ISA-Tab specification.